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The age of decentralization or the end of an uninitiated reform

The term of decentralization, unknown for majority in Moldova, has been recently adopted by our politicians, about ten years ago. In 2006, due to the pressure of the European institutions and civil society, the communist Parliament has approved a normative document – the law on administrative decentralization. After the pro-European alliance has acceded to power, the idea of decentralization has been retaken, being introduced as governance priority to all the programmes of the governments after 2009.



Football without performance

Teams are created through public organizations. Their official budgets do not exceed a few hundred thousand per year, but it is actually hundreds of times larger. Each club is generally patronized or sponsored by a businessman. But their contributions are not public, which makes us think that they fall foul of the law. The clubs practice double accounting. Transfers are made under the counter. Arbitration is corrupted.



Why we don’t always choose the Romanian seaside

I have been to the Romanian seaside ten years ago. This year, I’ve decided to stay there for a few days. I’ve noticed that few things changed during all this time. But the lack of any cars from Moldova surprised me the most. I have seen none, but absolutely none (!). I have compared the costs and the quality of transport, accommodation, entertainment services, arrangement of the place and have tried to find the answer to the question put in the title of this article.



Business Consulting Institute is seeking an economist

Business Consulting Institute was founded at the beginning of the year 2000 and holds a rich experience on the consultancy market in Moldova. We offer a pleasant work environment, the opportunity to work in international projects, to achieve a valuable experience and to get promoted. All interested candidates are invited to send their Curriculum Vitae.



Who is opposing local autonomy?

Decentralization and local autonomy are basic principles for an efficient local government. The European Charter of Local Self-Government, ratified by Moldova in 1997, provides that local authorities are part of the foundation of any democratic regime. Through local government, citizens have the most direct means to participate to public affairs.



Cultural and tourism projects on the agenda of a new study visit to Poland

A new study to Poland will be organized, in the week of 15-19 July. Experts of local public administration and NGOs were invited to participate, to learn from the experience of Polish cross-border cooperation projects. The agenda includes cultural and tourism projects and more.



In Telenesti and Orhei, courses have started in June month

Starting from June 17, people from Orhei and Telenesti attend the trainings held within a common project of their towns. It is training cycle on various themes, for public officers and civil society. Policy documents were the subject of the training carried out this week. All activities are followed by practical exercises.



Study visit to Poland, in the field of cross-border cooperation

Representatives of local public administration of Moldova and civil society are in a study visit to Poland, during June 29 – July 5, 2013. The visit is organized within the project „Preparation of Moldovan local communities to effective absorption of funds from EU cross-border cooperation programs”.