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The world expert in non-verbal communication, Allan Pease, presented a business training in Chisinau

On Saturday, November 6, 2010, in Chisinau took place the business seminar “How to attract people and success”, presented by Allan Pease, the world famous expert in non-verbal communication. He is the author of the international bestseller “Body Language” and the author of the book “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps”, his experience being based on scientific research and experiments which prove his psychological theories, as on the successful career he had had as a life insurance salesman. 


BCI was also present at this event. Within it the expert has talked about non-verbal communication, which in fact is 60-70% of the message we want to convey. In order to understand exactly what a person wants to communicate, it is necessary to pay attention to three factors: the words being used, the gestures and the environment in which we speak. People will perceive what we say through the gestures we make. To succeed in business and to communicate effectively with people, our gestures must show openness and sincerity and to express the same message in our words.      


Allan Pease has presented a few basic gestures in communication, providing various images, using examples of famous personalities and interacting at the same time with the audience and making it laugh, in an accessible, helpful and pleasant seminar.     


The expert has affirmed that business relationships should take into consideration the differences between the way women and men communicate.   


According to Allan Pease, in order to sell a product, we need to know first the need of the client and then offer them our solution to the problem they have. In addition, it is necessary to take into account business figures, in other words - to keep a statistical record of potential clients to whom we have presented our offer. His idea is that we have to meet 5 people, one of which will finally buy our product, instead of contacting a single one and waiting for them to buy.              


In concluding the workshop, the trainer pointed out that for a successful business you need a sales system and communication skills, as the first condition to persuade people to buy a product is to communicate effectively and to be a pleasant person.