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Motivational seminars for future young entrepreneurs

Business Consulting Institute (BCI) and ODIMM have launched the third edition of the Rural Entrepreneurship Cup. The competition is part of the project "Promoting entrepreneurship in developing rural areas".     


Three business incubators were selected at the previous project stage and will host several events for young people who want to start a business in rural areas.


During 4-6 November motivational seminars will be organized at the business incubators in Stefan-Voda, Nisporeni and Soroca, aiming to determine young people to launch their own business: 

  • 4 November – in Soroca; 
  • 5 November – in Nisporeni;
  • 6 November – in Stefan-Voda.  


The events will start at 3.30 p.m. and will address the following topics:     

  • When is the right moment to start your own business;
  • One thousand and one excuses and counterarguments;
  • How to overcome obstacles and create a business which will work for you.


Training will be provided by experts from Estonia and Moldova. 


Those who wish to attend the seminars are requested to fill in the following form.    


At the next stage the project will organize Hackathons in each incubator:         

  • 21-22 November – in Soroca;
  • 28-29 November – in Nisporeni;
  • 5– 6 December – in Stefan-Voda.


The Hackathon is a two-day marathon for people who reside in rural areas and want to start or develop their own business. The competition aims to discover, support and promote young people who are able to create a successful business in their locality, in a field that they choose on their own.      


The participants will attend two-day trainings with local and international experts. Created teams will be supported in developing their own businesses (in Soroca, Nisporeni and Stefan-Voda).   


The project "Promoting entrepreneurship in developing rural areas" is financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is implemented by Business Consulting Institute, ODIMM and CIVITTA during August 2015-June 2016.  


Contact person - Ana Mardare

Telephone: (+373 22) 85 50 80