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News & Events

International Conference in Performance-Based Budgeting to be held in Chisinau

The Project “Support for the performance budgeting system in the Moldovan local self-governments”, launched in May 2012, closes its activities and is organizing the International Conference “Introduction of performance-based budgeting to local public administration in Moldova”. The event will take place on December 17, 2012, at the Vila Verde Hotel in Chisinau.



The Decentralization Reform: from Strategy to action

Experts in public administration and territorial-administrative reform from Macedonia, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Ukraine are in a study visit in Moldova during 12-14 November. During this visit, the experts will meet with the representatives of the central and local public administration and will participate to the International Conference „The Decentralization Reform: from Strategy to action”.



Study visit to Macedonia in the context of the administrative-territorial reform

A delegation consisting of representatives of the central and local administration and NGOs perfoms a visit to Macedonia, during October 29 – November 2. The goal of the visit is to learn from the experience of territorial organization within the decentralization process . The study, which is the first stage of the undertaken project , will be followed by an international conference on decentralization held in Chisinau in November, which will be attended by the Macedonian experts.



Training seminar within the performance budgeting project in Moldova

The Conference Room of Vila Verde Hotel is hosting, during 29 – 31 October, the training seminar „Implementation of performance-based budgeting in local public administration in Moldova”. The training is part of a project which aims to promote and introduce the performance-based budgeting in local public administration in Moldova.



Performance budgeting: Polish practices for local public administration in Moldova

Within the period 9-13 September 2012, Business Consulting Institute and the PAUCI Foundation organize a study visit to Poland, in the framework of the Project “Support for performance budgeting system in Moldovan local self-governments”, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland through the Polish Aid 2012. The program addresses local government representatives with responsibilities in finance and financial consultants.



BCI-Audit, at its fifteenth anniversary

August 4 was a festive occasion for BCI-Audit, when the institution reached 15 years from its foundation in 1997. For its employees this was an occasion to meet in a business retreat on Friday, in Vadul lui Voda City. On Saturday, August 4, they have welcomed the guests arrived at the event to celebrate 15 years of achievements and remember the story of a success.



The Project for water and sewerage systems in Chisinau has presented its final results

The Project „Chisinau Water Supply & Sewage Treatment: Feasibility Study”, which is near the ending date, presented its results, within the Final Workshop, on July 26, 2012. The general goal of the Feasibility Study was to prepare the Technical, Financial, Environmental & Social Due Diligence for JSC „Apa-Canal Chisinau” (ACC) and to attract investments to support the improvement of activity and services offered by the company.



Training courses for the local administration, in performance-based budgeting

Training courses in performance budgeting will be organized for the local public administration in Soroca, Orhei, Calarasi and Camenca cities. The first course will be held on July 25, in Orhei Municipality. The seminars are part of the Project “Support for performance budgeting system in Moldovan local self-governments”, financed by the Programme Polish Aid 2012 and implemented by Business Consulting Institute and PAUCI (Poland).